Transference, ‘Zarathustra’ now streaming on several Music Dish Platforms in China



Zarathustra-2 – Transference Set To Rock It Out In January 2015

Introducing The Band Transference aka The Navigators.

Introducing The Band Transference aka The Navigators. – Transference Set To Rock It Out In January 2015.

Transference now on iDefine TV

Check out the band’s video on iDefine TV’s terrestrial tv network airing now 24/7. IDefine is not an internet based tv set up & they are selective about who they add to their channel so we are very pleased they really like our band Transference. We have more exciting news to come regarding Transference in due course. Check them out & connect through their various social media channels.


5 Image Things to Know for SEO


In a recent article I discussed How to Tag Your Blog Right. In that article I mentioned that to increase SEO results and thus visitors and views to your blog does not mean extra work. Tagging your blog content is something you do anyway, so why not do it properly? I also discussed the permalink change that is no extra effort. Extra effort to me is if I have to do research and search for all the things to do for an article. I like to just go with the flow of the mind waves.

Today is another ‘No Extra Effort, Should Already Be Doing It’thing to, again, increase SEO results. I harp on SEO results. I don’t do this to try and turn you into a tech savvy market yourself machine. I do it to give you the lingo and the basics of blogging and website management…

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Here It Is – Transference’ first ebook “The Navigators” click on the amazontransference link to go to the amazon store to preview & purchase the book. Enjoy & let us know what you think. There is a free download link at the end of the book for you too & purchasers of this ebook will also receive a downloadable flip book for their desktop for free.

‘Pink Floyd – Echoes (Part. 1) Live at Pompeii ♫’ bekijken op YouTube


Pink Floyd – Echoes (Part. 1) Live at Pompeii ♫:

This is something to relax your mind sublime magic!
These are real musicians!
And … i was born in the wrong year 😉
Have a great weekend everyone !
La Brujitaaa


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Transference Book Interview featured on Music Vision Sound

Transference book interview by Jan Jacob Mekes is featured on Music Vision Sound check them out. photo12