Glastonbury Festival – Field Of Avalon A Brilliant Line-up

The Sound Of Summer

Many of my readers will be aware that I am something of a music festival junkie.  Now to be fair I have always tended to stick to the smaller festivals but this year my son and I are venturing to more of the big festivals than ever before and we are both venturing to the Daddy of them all, the wonderful extravaganza that is Glastonbury..

It is fair to say that many people have fallen out of love with Glastonbury, they say that it is too big, too corporate and that it has sold it’s soul.  Others love the festival and return year after year.  They scramble to find tickets, they volunteer to work in one of the many different areas or as stewards and they turn up in their thousands to enjoy the famous Glastonbury experience.

This year there has been even more controversy than usual with an outcry…

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They WON – A Huge Thank You From Piqued Jacks

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Message from the boys check it out here