T.Shirt Design for Transference

Here are some latest designs for some t.shirts we are having done which ones do you like the best?


‘Pink Floyd – Echoes (Part. 1) Live at Pompeii ♫’ bekijken op YouTube


Pink Floyd – Echoes (Part. 1) Live at Pompeii ♫: http://youtu.be/mCrxrTp3tP4

This is something to relax your mind sublime magic!
These are real musicians!
And … i was born in the wrong year 😉
Have a great weekend everyone !
La Brujitaaa


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Book Interview by Jan Jacob Mekes for Transference’ New Ebook


Comments are coming in after the interview was published yesterday & we haven’t even managed to publish the book yet, wow what a result.

Check out Jan’s site http://www.mekesbooks.com & his books & check him out here http://silverwolfpet.com/jan-jacob-mekes-haggis-confirmed-for-role-in-plustard/ he’s landed a role in Plustard.3dcover