Transference T.Shirts coming soon regular shirts & girl tees with more styles to come in due course here is an example of a girl tee for starters which will embody a design we’re just finishing up on, nearly there 🙂


OMG Listen to this Game of Thrones Finalist Mike Puskas from Transference


Mike (primary writer & guitarist for Transference) has written some orchestral music  & has been chosen as a finalist. Listen to this stupendously good track here https://www.gameofthronescompendium.com/app/submission/audio/2308 and please share/rt. Well done Mike.

Transference album on Limited Edition Vinyl

We recently announced that Transference new album “The Navigators” will be made available by us on limited edition vinyl & orders are coming in thank you & as we write this we hear more orders are on the way. This album comes complete with an 8 page booklet of stunning original artwork & is a true collectors piece.

One of the vinyls will have a surprise gift for the lucky buyer but all will also receive 5 bonus tracks to download. The finishing touches are also being added to the t.shirts which are looking awesome, we can offer t.shirts for girls too (specifically designed to hug the figure) these will be made available through Arena. Go there to purchase the digital download of the album bundled with t.shirt – the designs will be up as soon as we can get them so please bear with us we are going as fast as we can.

Transference - FINAL

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW TO SAVE DISAPPOINTMENT dnmrecords@gmail.com price varies according to your location/currency.


Watch This – Transference in the spotlight at SBS,Canada

As promised here’s the link

Watch this awesome & very enjoyable show by Jeremy Gladstone speaking to Tyler Mayfield from the band “Lung Flower”, Steve Barmash from “BlackoutLights” & Tyler Hutton from “The Pit”/”Closer” the show features Transference in the spotlight. A really interesting show for any real muso so check it out. Transference music kicks in with an intro from Jeremy from 30.50 mins. Check out SBS Studio http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/sbs-live-this-week-021/

With the run up to Transference’ tour & gigs we are taking orders for their new album “The Navigators” on physical vinyl release email us at dnmrecords@gmail.com to register your interest & number of albums required & we will get back to you with the price. The album vinyl release is accompanied by one-off specially commissioned artwork & is a limited edition so a real collectors item. The band are super excited as this is their first vinyl release so there will also be a gift included with one of the vinyls.



Just Confirmed – Transference to play benefit concert for Hands Across The Water

Hands Across The Water – Helping Children in Thailand. A note for your diaries – The concert will be held at the Brunswick Hotel, Australia on Saturday May 2nd.


Rick Jamm of Jamsphere Music Magazine’s Review featured on Music Dish China

Music Dish China have featured Rick Jamm’s excellent review for Transference http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzA5OTIwNDIzNw==&mid=205223355&idx=1&sn=7934e5ad371e6656776090d7cf0b827e#rdjamspheremagazine-logo-5002we will be adding more news on the China tour as it becomes available.

Transference – Upcoming Tour

transference photo1

As the band prepare for their upcoming tour in China yet another stellar review has just come in you can view it here



This review from one of Transference’ Canadian fans (this is the fan who did some videos for the band we managed to coax him to reveal himself & he (Jeremy) wrote this fabulous review. This is a fan who no doubt any band would be proud to have & Australia (the band’s native land) can be proud of this wonderful homegrown talent too. This band is gathering momentum & you are sure to be hearing more & more as Transference continue to tread their own path through the psychedelic landscape. Jeremy picked up on the fact that Transference’ timeless sound is actually resurrecting the psychedelic movement from the 70’s & drawing it into the present day or to be more exact the timeless Now http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/

sleeping bag studios

And a final note, having had a look at Sleeping Bag Studios services over there in Canada they provide jam space, live on location services including concert filming among other things & we thinks they provide a truly personal service at very reasonable prices. We share their purpose & passion for what they do, rock on SBS.