#9 My favorite things

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T1323845870Eat-Junk-and-Watch-Rubbishhere are many things that make people happy in the world, such as  fluffy beddings, chocolate cakes, mother’s hug, things like that. Though I love those things very much, what I really love is watching old movies with ice cream,  listening to new music, and making coffee. Fist of all, watching old movies with ice cream is my favorite hobby. Especially when I’m stressed out, I go to my room alone,  turn off the light, hold an ice cream, turn the audio volume up and then watch the movie . Usually, I watched three movies which are  the Sound of music(1965), Amelie(2001),and Kamome Diner(2006) by turn. I watched each movies more than 50 times. These movies gives me very peaceful and cozy emotions, so when I watch them, I feel comfortable. Also, ice cream is very important when I watch movie. Many people eat popcorns when watching movie, but I prefer to eat ice-cream especially Green tea or chocolate ice…

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Beetleypete Reviews “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon”

Nicholas C. Rossis

Pete and Ollie | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksPete, aka Beetleypete, is one of Amazon’s top reviewers, with an impressive rank of 3,212 out of the 10,000 top reviewers. When he saw my post on Theo Rogers’ book, How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon, he kindly shared his review in a comment. I’m posting it here, as I feel it will be of great interest to authors:

“I have just read Theo’s book this morning and have the following observations. As an Amazon reviewer myself, he has got it EXACTLY right. It is specific to Amazon, to answer other queries, but Theo is a very experienced reviewer and what he says about the ‘Amazon Jungle’ is 100% correct, from my own less detailed findings.

This book is mainly about what not to do when soliciting reviews for books (or products) on Amazon, as well as good advice on how to approach the same thing correctly.

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You’ll Really Want to Come to Our Show


Reasons To Be Cheerful & To Come To Our Show

  • 3 Great Bands who have all played on International stages with music heralded in top Some UK radio stations top 20 listings as well as record stores they will excite you, woo you & soothe you.
  • A chance to see 3logit a band in action who plays live EDM OK you say there are a few of them around but HEY wait up not like this one this is the ONLY one 3logit plays all the REAL instruments live plus they change the sound of the musical instruments by pre-programmed computer scheme, which is absolutely demanding for synchronization and absolutely unique approach to 3logit. https://ukf.com/news/live-music-now-scientifically-proven-reduce-stress/15954
  • An outstanding & very popular venue steeped in history & atmosphere, yet intimate & seductive.
  • Inexpensive ticket prices with rewards.
  • Some surprises regarding who else is going to show up.
  • Meet & greet with the bands,
  • A show to remember.
  • Real music for real fans.
  • https://youtu.be/bjNT-oIBqvc
  • https://youtu.be/RxKeXPC3y-0
  • https://youtu.be/jPvluF9-ZKA
  • https://youtu.be/yB82OedslL4