Billboard Feature For Show4Me & Us

We found out a couple of days ago Show4me has been featured on the (real) Billboard. We were very pleased to hear this since we are the first & as yet the only record label organising concerts utilising the Show4me platform & are exclusive representatives of Show4me also. In  spite of what you may read Show4me are the market leaders in crowdfunding concerts & the first platform to offer the concept of funding shows by engaging friends, family & prospective fans or established fans of artists involving them in the experience of being involved in a more tangible way to the shows they are supporting rather like people used to do in the good old days of hunting for music in record shops, buying vinyl & later on cd’s.

There was something very satisfying in this because people had to make some effort & time as well as money to support the music makers who rely on their support. Music is a very expensive & time consuming business & through platforms like Show4me we endeavour to engage people once again to make that commitment.

It is extremely hard to raise interest in unknown artists with little or no fanbases but all the time & effort is paying off with our first campaign being a success. It is a huge bonus for our unknown artists to get a mention in prestigious publications such as Billboard by association with us too so a win win for all.

We have been with Show4me from the beginning & whilst we have encountered much resistance towards this model the industry, in our view, needs to adopt a more sustainable business model & we see Show4me as the game changer. As part of Show4me we are helping to grow the platform. More news soon.



Article – The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet

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“The Best kind of trip is the one you grow from” – Psychedelic Frontier


Check out this article on the psychedelic experience implemented as a tool for self-realization


A call for quality over quantity on the internet. Free content is killing quality. Everyone likes a freebie now and then that is fine from time to time but it should never be the norm here’s why

  • If we get everything for free we lose our self-respect & dignity & lose sight of what is truly valuable.
  • Quality in all things within our society has been diminishing over the generations if we look back we can see the historical evidence of this, where craftmenship, skill and experience have become more & more undermined in the name of knocking things out as cheaply as possible in large numbers to supply the demand to the extent that the markets becomes so saturated things can’t even be given away; even FREE is losing it’s impact to excite – the price of progress or extreme madness?
  • With the loss of quality inspiration diminishes, creativity diminishes, true talent diminishes, over-saturation occurs and apathy sets in, a sense of boredom & diminished attention takes over, then people switch off & no-one benefits.
  • Human suffering is increased significantly, slave labour is abound, people not being able to afford to live or even afford to cover their basic needs is very prevalent in our modern world.

Thankfully there are a growing number of people who are recognising this and who are as fed up as we are of the situation. There are many things in life which we can’t control but this is something we can control & work together to change hopefully things have reached rock bottom now & the tide is turning.

We welcome your thoughts on the subject.