Check out It Matters Latest Spreecast featuring a chat with the man behind Transference & Poet Cynthia Hogue

For those who were not able to tune in here is the podcast for the show.

Loving the poetry by Cynthia Hogue too & her new book is now available to buy check the show for details.




OMG Listen to this Game of Thrones Finalist Mike Puskas from Transference


Mike (primary writer & guitarist for Transference) has written some orchestral music  & has been chosen as a finalist. Listen to this stupendously good track here and please share/rt. Well done Mike.

An Interview with Transference by Media Pick, UK

Transference - FINAL




As we release our band Transference’ new album tomorrow 19th January in the UK & Northern Ireland check out an exclusive interview between Mike Puskas & Steven Broadbent of Media Pick Media Pick are a UK site which covers up to the minute news across music, film & TV with reviews, interviews & features check them out.

Here It Is – Transference’ first ebook “The Navigators” click on the amazontransference link to go to the amazon store to preview & purchase the book. Enjoy & let us know what you think. There is a free download link at the end of the book for you too & purchasers of this ebook will also receive a downloadable flip book for their desktop for free.

Jan Jacob Mekes Interviews Mike Puskas, Transference

Jan interviews Mike Puskas about his upcoming ebook & Transference’ new album. Check out the interview here & leave a comment Transference - FINAL