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Dynamik crowd


A word from the delectable & wise Jane Risden – good advice for young artists.

After working in the International Music Business for many years living and traveling all over the world, living the Rock and Roll lifestyle, Jane has now taken up the written word & has a new book in  the works.

Recording in San Francisco (c) Jane Risdon 2015

“Nothing happens ‘over-night’ and it is a good learning curve, honing your craft, leaning how to entertain an audience and keep them coming back for more. So many artists can’t cut it live because they think what happens in the studio on a track is what ultimately matters. It is a combination of it all…but first learn to play live and cope with all that can chuck at you…then whatever ‘fame’ (if it comes) chucks at you, you should be well equipped.”

Check out Jane’s blog here for more interesting reading also writes a regular column for Creative Frontiers

the dance


0158b5b3d273ca1071ed0d00c360530c“you have to feel…”

this is an astounding statement

…You have to feel…

so often I have heard

the words, “I just want to die”

yes it is an expression

usually said when a person is at the end of their rope

they have lost hope or, I can’t take it anymore,

I’ve had enough….These moments pass, but while they are being lived,everything inside feels chaotic, jumbled and turned around.  The stomach is unsettled, the mood is “dark”  When I was still actively working my practice, I would ask..”when is the last time you danced?”  More often than not, the answer was vague, they didn’t recall it was so long ago, or it would be a straight out, “I don’t dance”      Dancing is an art form, it is a form of expression, and yes, to some it comes more easily then it does for others.


To be a professional dancer…

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Celebrating 10 Years of & Automattic News

This year marks the 10th birthday of and our parent company, Automattic. We are proud to have served this community of millions: from writers, photographers, artists, and small and large publishers, to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Transference Rocked The House Last Night @OnTheTop Bar, Australia

After a very successful first night for Transference at OnTheTop Bar check out some photos of the band on their website

The band really went down a storm & rocked the house as a result they have been invited to play every month now for the rest of this year & their next shows are going to have back projection, scrim, strobe and other effects to enhance their psychedelic vibe. The band are also showing off their new vocalist for their live line-up, namely Ali Hughes. More soon.

transference show poster 28th june




Check Out Mr & Misfits – Contemporary Dance Mix by Ercan Babayigit

Mr & Misfits are reworking some of their tracks for a new album, whilst we’re waiting for that here is a flavour of some of their existing work.

Lis’ wordpress blog is now featured on our Rebelmouse site


Check out lis’ beautiful poetry & imagery wordpress blog on our rebelmouse site. We will be featuring this blog on our site for a week.

Oscar Winning James Horner Has Died In Plane Crash


Sadly, the Oscar- and Grammy-winning Titanic composer James Horner died in a private plane crash in Santa Barbara, California, on Monday. Horner, who composed music for more than 150 films and television series, was 61.

He will be missed by many.