DyNaMik Records Closure

Hi everyone DyNaMik Records haven’t been posting for some time so just to fill you in we give notice that the company has been wound up having spent the last few months in mandatory limbo which all companies have to do prior to closure.

Late 2017 the owner had a death in the family (a close relative) & also has aging relatives who are  in need of support which has contributed to the company being wound up.

Award winning DyNaMik Records did what they set out to do and was instrumental in helping a number of amateur artists, guiding them & developing their careers. The artists benefited significantly from that guidance. DyNaMik was very active in establishing and growing their artist fanbases (often from scratch) as well as exposing them & their music to opportunities within the music industry along with all the other usual record label stuff. The artists availed themselves of DyNaMik’s knowledge & expertise not to mention some of the companies friends & associates!
Running the company was very labour intensive but not profitable so after a few years of very hard slog it was decided the time was now right to move on & pursue other interests within other areas of the music industry as well as outside it.

Artists hoping to make it as professional musicians & continue to gain traction would do well to check out this very good article https://tomhess.net/WhatRecordCompaniesLookFor.aspx

This blog and DyNaMik Records website will remain open for the time being for enquiries about artists that were on DyNaMik’s roster or any other matters. Please use the contact box on DyNaMik’s old website, home page.

New Album from Ninni & Mika

Check out Ninni & Mika’s great new album All Them Pretty Things available on digital download through us in UK/Ireland only at CD Baby https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/ninnimika

Ninni & Mika new album artwork.jpg All Them Pretty things2

Ninni & Mika’s New Single All Them Pretty Dreams

released now in Finland from their new Album All Them Pretty Dreams with the album release following in Finland, the UK & Ireland check it out here at around 1.24 mins into The Lemon Circus Show.

We Are Featured In Bandit September 2017 Issue

bandit sept issue feature

We were invited to be featured again in Bandit’s newsletter we are in this issue & back issues. Please contact Bandit to subscribe to their newsletter & check out the opportunities for artists, bands, songwriters & more…..

Billboard Feature For Show4Me & Us

We found out a couple of days ago Show4me has been featured on the (real) Billboard. We were very pleased to hear this since we are the first & as yet the only record label organising concerts utilising the Show4me platform & are exclusive representatives of Show4me also. In  spite of what you may read Show4me are the market leaders in crowdfunding concerts & the first platform to offer the concept of funding shows by engaging friends, family & prospective fans or established fans of artists involving them in the experience of being involved in a more tangible way to the shows they are supporting rather like people used to do in the good old days of hunting for music in record shops, buying vinyl & later on cd’s.

There was something very satisfying in this because people had to make some effort & time as well as money to support the music makers who rely on their support. Music is a very expensive & time consuming business & through platforms like Show4me we endeavour to engage people once again to make that commitment.

It is extremely hard to raise interest in unknown artists with little or no fanbases but all the time & effort is paying off with our first campaign being a success. It is a huge bonus for our unknown artists to get a mention in prestigious publications such as Billboard by association with us too so a win win for all.

We have been with Show4me from the beginning & whilst we have encountered much resistance towards this model the industry, in our view, needs to adopt a more sustainable business model & we see Show4me as the game changer. As part of Show4me we are helping to grow the platform. More news soon.

Another Show Date For Dos Floris


What has the crystal ball revealed? It has revealed more interest from people to see Dos Floris play live in London, UK in April 2017

click on the show4me link above to apply for access to pledge for the show, limited number of tickets available & several tickets already sold & all this before she’s played her first show there.  Can’t come to the show? Pass on to friends who can & whilst available we’ll throw in a ticket for free so buy on get one free.

stampa_florence 4



More features for Dos Floris

Plus extended plays much more on the way for Dos Floris stay tuned @dosfloris #dosfloris #video #features. You can buy DosFloris Music from a number of outlets (including from us) iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Googleplay, Bandcamp, Discodoro, Italy, Roughtrade, UK @dnmrecords@gmail.com as well as merch, currently T.Shirts but more on the way https://www.musicglue.com/dynamik-records/shop/ we are currently sold out of T.Shirts please order. Discounts for larger orders. https://www.musicglue.com/dynamik-records/shop/




Stop the press overnight we got some luv was it the Hilary/Trump fiasco, nah much more exciting than that we’re just a couple of pledges away now from completing our goal.  Just a couple more pledges needed now & we’ve got a show.dosfloris-electronic-rockPrepare to be wowed.


Just A Couple Of Days Left To Go Folks

dosfloris-electronic-rockwith just a couple of days to go we’re needing just a handful of pledges now to make this happen. Last push & we’re done. https://youtu.be/eqsnce023AQ


In Case You Missed It

Ninni & Mika played live at The Bedford on Monday 24th October check out their performance here https://www.livamp.com/performances/ninniandmika-bedford-oct24/ They had a brilliant night & thanks to all at The Bedford for welcoming them it was a night to remember with a very good turn out which was really well received by the audience. Ninni & Mika have been invited to back as well as being invited to play London Folk Festival & more opportunities. How great is that!!!

The pair are being interviewed live in the studio this morning at 11.5am by Gill Manly on Croydon Radio http://www.croydonradio.com/schedule/show.php?HistoryID=22f820f7-71e6-f093-e9c7-56213fda3659

Come see them play tonight at the Comrades Club, Coulsdon, @ninniandmika @rjhuntermusicninnimika-show-poster-the-comradeswhere they will also be joined by our special guest Robert J.Hunter Band. Show starts at 8.00pm robertjhunter



Ninni & Mika’s EP Available Now on Digital Download


Be the first to buy your copy now http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ninniandmika through this link available for 24hrs.

Also a new review coming in soon with an online magazine.

Bookmark this



For those who can’t attend the show Bookmark this link to watch Ninni & Mika Robert J.Hunter & other artists perform on the night 24th October 2016 show broadcast live from the Bedford, Balham, London. – it’s going to be a great night.

UK/Ireland Residents – Ninni & Mika’s Fabulous EP Entitled Love Will Come Around Is Available To Per-Order In The Run Up To Release Date 19th October 2016




This is a beautiful timeless classic containing 7 lovingly crafted songs which will delightfully grace any serious music lovers of fine music library order your copy here today https://www.musicglue.com/dynamik-records/products/love-will-come-around/




Our Latest Press Release For Ninni & Mika Featured on Journalism, UK

Check it out here:


screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-17-43-53journalism logo

EP Release 19th October 2016 UK/Ireland Only


Ninni & Mika’s EP is out soon. UK & Irish fans come see them play at The Comrades Club in Coulsdon, UK  get tickets here price includes FREE EP https://www.musicglue.com/dynamik-records-ltd/ club price drinks available at this gig. Also appearing is Robert J. Hunter with his Band this is going to be a great night of folk & blues.

A Date For Your Diaires – Wed 26th October 2016 from 7.30pm

Come see Finnish folk duo Ninni & Mika play at The Coulsdon Comrades Club, UK as part of their mini tour (“Love Will Come Around”) to the UK (their first tour preceding a longer tour in 2017) check out a video of from their tour with Joshua James https://youtu.be/WIj_15trkNw @NinniandMika @RJHunterMusic we are delighted to have guest Robert J. Hunter Band join us also check them out https://youtu.be/VNJz2yAZqYU


Tickets for Ninni & Mika from our musicglue shop https://www.musicglue.com/dynamik-records/events/26-oct-16-love-will-come-around-mini-tour-the-comrades-club-coulsdon-uk/ includes a signed copy of their  free EP new release Love Will Come Around. ninni-mika-love-will-come-around-front-album

Confirmed Date Ninni & Mika To Play The Comrades Club, Coulsdon, Surrey, UK

The Finnish duo will play The Comrades Club, Coulsdon, UK on 26th October 2016 this is Ninni & Mika’s first appearance in the UK & will be playing The Bedford Live in Balham on Monday 24th October & a radio interview is arranged too. Ninni & Mika’s fans will be attending from the UK, Finland & Spain. Watch this space for further news.



Check Out Ninni & Mika’s Cover Of This Classic

Listen to @dnmrecords – Reason To Believe (“Reason to Believe” is a song written, composed, and first recorded by American folk singer Tim Hardin in 1965. It has since been recorded by artists including the Carpenters in 1970 and Rod Stewart in 1971 and 1993.) http://croydonradio.com/wlnm/song.php?ID=5df5d17b-ff36-130a-49dd-a557c212913c via @CroydonRadioNinniMika

Come see Ninni & Mika Play at The Bedford, London. UK

24th October 2016 live at the Bedford http://thebedford.com/event/music-24th-october-2016/ FREE ENTRY

Follow Ninni & Mika on Twitter https://twitter.com/NinniandMika

Follow Ninni & Mika on facebook https://www.facebook.com/NinniPoijarviAndMikaKuokkanen/

Mika Ninni

You’ll Really Want to Come to Our Show


Reasons To Be Cheerful & To Come To Our Show

  • 3 Great Bands who have all played on International stages with music heralded in top Some UK radio stations top 20 listings as well as record stores they will excite you, woo you & soothe you.
  • A chance to see 3logit a band in action who plays live EDM OK you say there are a few of them around but HEY wait up not like this one this is the ONLY one 3logit plays all the REAL instruments live plus they change the sound of the musical instruments by pre-programmed computer scheme, which is absolutely demanding for synchronization and absolutely unique approach to 3logit. https://ukf.com/news/live-music-now-scientifically-proven-reduce-stress/15954
  • An outstanding & very popular venue steeped in history & atmosphere, yet intimate & seductive.
  • Inexpensive ticket prices with rewards.
  • Some surprises regarding who else is going to show up.
  • Meet & greet with the bands,
  • A show to remember.
  • Real music for real fans.
  • https://youtu.be/bjNT-oIBqvc
  • https://youtu.be/RxKeXPC3y-0
  • https://youtu.be/jPvluF9-ZKA
  • https://youtu.be/yB82OedslL4





Exclusive Partnership Between Show4Me & DyNaMik Records Ltd

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Show4Me & are now also representing Show4Me as Show4Me, Ireland. We are still DyNaMik Records Ltd also & our normal activities remain the same as before.

Through our new partnership we will be inviting more artists to appear in our shows whether they be showcases to help artists gain or increase their fanbases at a local level or breaking artists into new territories with an array of exciting shows featuring local & international talent, cross promoting & cross pollinating in a seamless way for new upcoming & coming talent as well as seasoned pros. Providing an opportunity for artists to engage with fans existing & potential & get to know them on a more intimate level.

This new model offers an exciting array of amalgamating creative ideas to bring the best shows to eager audiences. Through audience participation fans will be able to track campaigns from beginning to end as the excitement builds towards the finale.

In the early hours of this morning (5am) Oleh Malskyy from Show4Me pitched to Sir Richard Branson’s pitchathon in London which was live streaming for 29hours. The pitchathon is expected to break a Guinness World Record for the longest Pitchathon to date. It was exciting to watch not only our pitch but also the many entrepreneurs we have voted for also there were some amazing business pitches.

Here are some photos of Oleg pitching to the judges. A huge thank you to him for mentioning us also & everyone who took part at this prestigious event.

Virgin Media Business VOOM World Record 29-Hour Pitchathon at The Hoxton, London, Britain, 1 June 2016Virgin Media Business VOOM World Record 29-Hour Pitchathon at The Hoxton, London, Britain, 1 June 2016Virgin Media Business VOOM World Record 29-Hour Pitchathon at The Hoxton, London, Britain, 1 June 2016


AMAZING OPPORTUNITY – Check Out Our Artist Showcase & Pledge NOW To See an AMAZING SHOW

We’ve been quiet lately, we’ve been working away behind the scenes preparing for our artist showcase. There have been a couple of changes due to some unforeseen circumstances but full steam ahead it’s going to be an amazing show. Three Amazing Bands each playing a full set. The show will kick off with a unique live EDM band they are visually stunning with their UV costumes & love the audience to interact they will get you in the mood for a rocking night, having played some large festivals since their inception & their first gig in the UK, the band know how to get the party going. We follow with Dos Floris hauntingly beautiful dulcet tones, offering a wild cacophony of musical genres including electronic with a bit of Industrial thrown in, cinematic, dream pop this gal will take you on a journey into wild & frenzied abandon & soothing soundscapes with undulating rhythms & to top it all we then have Du Bellows fronted by Jade Williams, a classically trained vocalist, check out our campaignto keep abreast of all the news. Link is here  https://www.show4me.com/kings_amp_queens_1459953005.htm where you can go to pledge for the show. These tickets are going to sell fast, pledge now to avoid disappointment. 3logitstampa_florence 4image4.JPG

Competition Over Our Video Received 11,432 Likes On Facebook Alone

During the past few weeks our video received all these likes on the Heaven.org facebook page & has accrued over 6,000 likes on youtube https://youtu.be/4CbCE02RJgU we are delighted people are appreciating it. The video was awarded Excellence in Artistic Beauty. Many thanks to all those who liked the video & voted for us.

Snapshot 1 (20-12-2015 09-04)

We’re Preparing For Independent Label Week 7-13th November 2016

We will be hosting an artist showcase to coincide with ILW. Fabulous bands – come & meet us & support our bands. More news rolling out between now & the event date. Put a note in your diaries.

indie label week badge indie label week badge large

New Release – Piqued Jacks – “Aerial Roots” Out Soon


Aerial Roots (cover)2piqued jacks aerial roots party



Piqued Jacks new acoustic album “Aerial Roots” a follow up to their self-released album “Climb Like Ivy Does” will be available from 10th February 2016. The band’s release party will take place at the above venue in Italy on 19th February.

Check out the lovely artwork too.

Digital album will be available from 10th February via CD Baby, iTunes, & all the usual places.

We are taking orders for physical copies of this album via our website http://www.dynamikrecords.org/piqued-jacks.html

We’ve Won An Award

We are delighted to announce we have won an award in the category for Best Online Business.

“The iHubbub Best Home Business Awards’ results are out – DyNaMik Records is the overall winner of the Best Online Business category!!”

iHubbub Best Online Business Awards Logo2


Check the press release here http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=189221

Thank you very much to ihubbub, all the judges, the sponsors &
> everyone who voted for us to win the Best Online Business Category. We > are thrilled & delighted to receive this Award which has given us a > real boost at just the right time.

We have entered one of our videos into a competition

video pic for heaven on earth competition


Looking for votes please click this link http://bit.ly/1Iqzf1p then click the button VOTE, add your email address & type in the simple encaptcha underneath, submit then return to video & click on VOTE button again & you will see your vote registered. If you’re feeling really generous 🙂 you can return & vote once a day until the end of the month. Many thanks we will return the favour with votes for your contests or facebook likes/follows whichever you prefer.


A video for you over the festive season- this video has been entered in to a competition click the link underneath the video if you would like to vote


A few years ago before DyNaMik Records Came Into Being…….

I came into contact with a writer who uses the pen name Tyler Weaver he was running a crowd funding campaign at the time looking for supporters for his project which was to produce a 1930’s comic both digital & physical plus a radio show which I thought was intriguing & subsequently became one of Tyler’s supporters. My supporters perk was an ad in the comic which was expected to come to fruition much sooner than has panned out. Tyler has now made the adverts available to the supporters of the project & I asked for the ad to encompass a 1930’s version of DyNaMik Records Tyler thought it would be fun to add a back to the future vibe & that sounded good to us so here it is.
dynamik records advert by Tyler Weaver
Tyler explains below a bit about the project.
“Billy Wilder once said (I’m paraphrasing here) that he wrote comedies when he was sad and dramas when he was happy; a way to keep a balance, I suppose. When I embarked on what would become Whiz!Bam!Pow!, I needed that balance too: I needed to write something that made me smile. That was almost nine years ago. 
But what is Whiz!Bam!Pow!? Good question. I think the last nine years were spent discovering that. It evolved over the course of its near-decade of existence, but at its heart, it is a story of family, friends, forgery, death rays, and the Golden Age of Comics, an era I hold near and dear to my heart, the beginnings of comics, when they were cobbled together by creators who were flying by the seat of their pants and had no flights of fancy or inclination that their work-for-hire creations would become a modern mythology that has transcended generations. 
In the end, Whiz!Bam!Pow! became a three-volume novella about grandfathers and grandsons, families torn apart by creative obsession, and the serendipity that awaits those who open themselves up to it. Interwoven with those stories were the three episodes of The Adventures of the Sentinel radio show, the recordings of which will go down as the most fun I ever had in my creative career. 
But I’ll be quiet now. I’ve taken up too much space here, and Susanna has been nothing but generous during the creation of this project, so I’ll leave it to you to enjoy the finale of my last nine years. 
It’s time for me to get back to work and find a new balance.”
Who knows what the future holds for this project but surely it will be magnificently Whiz!Bam!Pow!



It’s Nearly Xmas & This Year We Are Again Supporting “Wikipedia” To Help Keep This Valuable Resource Available For All Along With This Music CD 50% Of The Proceeds Go To CALM ……Read on

dynamik records xmas card

Check CALM Out Here https://www.thecalmzone.net/ We have also lent our support to the Lucky Iron Fish Campaign & are Thrilled that with one day to go they have achieved latest 144% of their campaign check them out https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/35268-help-put-a-fish-in-every-pot

Just Received New Date for Dos Floris Interview on Vertikal Life’s Music Cafe 29th November

dos floris music cafe new picCheck out the event on facebookhttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/vertikalliveradio/2015/11/29/music-cafe-featuring-sophia-ben-yousef-tiki-black-dos-floris-and-janine-jkuhl