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Were you or a friend one of the thousands of readers who downloaded my novel The Grotto’s Secret at the beginning of May?

If so, please can you do me a HUGE favour and I will return it ~ a favour for a favour?

Your Favour To Me
Please add a review within the next week at either Amazon.CO.UK: Amazon.COM:

Even if you haven’t finished the book, please add a sentence about what you think so far. This could be about the characters, the pace or the storyline.

My Favour To You
Email me when you’ve added your review and I will add you to my list to receive a FREE copy of the sequel, which continues with the stories of the two female heroines.

Thriller Book Bundle
One last thing, I thought you may be interested in winning a bundle of thriller novels. Twelve of the latest thrillers are up for grabs here: 

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AMAZING OPPORTUNITY – Check Out Our Artist Showcase & Pledge NOW To See an AMAZING SHOW

We’ve been quiet lately, we’ve been working away behind the scenes preparing for our artist showcase. There have been a couple of changes due to some unforeseen circumstances but full steam ahead it’s going to be an amazing show. Three Amazing Bands each playing a full set. The show will kick off with a unique live EDM band they are visually stunning with their UV costumes & love the audience to interact they will get you in the mood for a rocking night, having played some large festivals since their inception & their first gig in the UK, the band know how to get the party going. We follow with Dos Floris hauntingly beautiful dulcet tones, offering a wild cacophony of musical genres including electronic with a bit of Industrial thrown in, cinematic, dream pop this gal will take you on a journey into wild & frenzied abandon & soothing soundscapes with undulating rhythms & to top it all we then have Du Bellows fronted by Jade Williams, a classically trained vocalist, check out our campaignto keep abreast of all the news. Link is here where you can go to pledge for the show. These tickets are going to sell fast, pledge now to avoid disappointment. 3logitstampa_florence 4image4.JPG

We have a New Toy – Song Optimization Software


Getting streaming music plays recognised by the bots which recommend music to music listeners is difficult for unknown artists lying under the radar of the streaming bots. Knowing how to rise above the parapet helps enormously in ensuring our artists work is getting seen & heard. The newly developed software “Traktomizer” by Steve Freedom is changing the game. Imagine having a tool at your disposal designed to leverage songs to ensure they achieve poll position on music streaming sites such as Spotify. We have recently purchased this software & are enjoying the easy user interface which we are able to quickly optimize our artists songs. This software is meant for use at the final stage of production prior to mastering. I am also delighted that Steve has found my feedback useful from a user perspective & he will be making public some of our discussions/feedback about the software for the benefit of other users of this software in due course. Susanna Lepianka, Owner of DyNaMik Records.

oooh Nice – Competition Time – win a kindle fire HDX & 25 Bestselling books

kindle for authors

Check out Second Hand Poet on Jango

Check out Second Hand Poet on Jango

Artists/Bands click on the pic to receive a personal invitation to join up from Second Hand Poet & earn yourselves 200 points to get you started.