‘Pink Floyd – Echoes (Part. 1) Live at Pompeii ♫’ bekijken op YouTube


Pink Floyd – Echoes (Part. 1) Live at Pompeii ♫: http://youtu.be/mCrxrTp3tP4

This is something to relax your mind sublime magic!
These are real musicians!
And … i was born in the wrong year 😉
Have a great weekend everyone !
La Brujitaaa


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Zarathustra now 22 in the Mixcloud Rock Chart

& 38 in the progressive chart.

Transference Book Interview featured on Music Vision Sound

Transference book interview by Jan Jacob Mekes is featured on Music Vision Sound check them out.

http://www.mvs-musicvisionsound.com/get-connectedtransference photo12

The Lemon Circus, Mixcloud

Check out what The Lemon Circus are saying about Transference’ track Zarathustra “Vocals, guitar and even drums get plenty of airtime on this one all featuring in their own place – a fine produced well polished slice of ethereal rock pop :)”the lemon circus banner

Jan Jacob Mekes Interviews Mike Puskas, Transference

Jan interviews Mike Puskas about his upcoming ebook & Transference’ new album. Check out the interview here & leave a comment Transference - FINALhttp://www.mekesbooks.com/2014/11/30/qa-mike-puskas/