Piqued Jacks – Aerial Roots (Acoustic) Album

Available in digital format in all the usual places & physical copies can be ordered from us direct with this beautiful artwork http://www.dynamikrecords.org/piqued-jacks.html A lovely acoustic version of the band’s album “Climb Like Ivy Does” by this developing band, mastered by Pete Maher


piqued jacks aerial roots release

Transference album on Limited Edition Vinyl

We recently announced that Transference new album “The Navigators” will be made available by us on limited edition vinyl & orders are coming in thank you & as we write this we hear more orders are on the way. This album comes complete with an 8 page booklet of stunning original artwork & is a true collectors piece.

One of the vinyls will have a surprise gift for the lucky buyer but all will also receive 5 bonus tracks to download. The finishing touches are also being added to the t.shirts which are looking awesome, we can offer t.shirts for girls too (specifically designed to hug the figure) these will be made available through Arena. Go there to purchase the digital download of the album bundled with t.shirt – the designs will be up as soon as we can get them so please bear with us we are going as fast as we can.

Transference - FINAL

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW TO SAVE DISAPPOINTMENT dnmrecords@gmail.com price varies according to your location/currency.


Music is the food of love so love up your life & TUNE INTO THE SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY

love pic for higher frequencyListen to music to make you happy. Take the test.

The ears have it. The human hearing is a finely tuned instrument tuned to pick up higher frequencies some of which are not directly measurable or even identifiable in terms of what we can describe. When the ears are presented with such frequencies the attention is directed towards the source. By this I mean the inner attention that follows the source of the frequency and aligns only with that higher frequency.

If the ears are consistently presented with lower frequencies attention is lost and one feels somewhat out of sorts, bored, lethargic, basically out of alignment, something is missing, something is lost, an emptiness is experienced and that hurts, it‘s painful, a whole cacophony of knock on situations result through this dumbing/numbing down. This numbing feeling also includes feelings of malaise, the spark has gone, the clarity has diminished or completely lost.. The brain then becomes overactive to compensate for this loss, thought increases in order to numb the pain.

Music recorded & produced at the higher frequencies has a more vibrant sound like the difference between glass & crystal. If you tap glass it has a duller sound than if you tap crystal. Obviously crystal is a finer quality product. The feeling quality from listening to music from the higher vibration is one of greater attention, concentration, joy, satisfaction. Can you afford to ignore this?

If you consider you’re worth it purchase music that has been created at the vibrational level your ears are naturally attuned to receive. Our artists music is gradually going to be made available to purchase at this higher frequency, the first one being Transference album “The Navigators“ except for their rendition of Echoes because that file is too large to have transposed. We have added two recordings of one track for you to listen to on Transference artist page of our website one is in the lower frequency, the other in the higher frequency you decide & we will make the album available to purchase in the higher frequency also.  Check out Transference artist page on our website http://www.dynamikrecords.org/transference.html and let us know what you think. All questions & feedback welcome.

This article by Susanna lepianka


An album review from Media Pick, UK for Transference

Transference - FINALMedia Pick, UK kindly offered an album review as well as the recent talentwatch interview for the band. Check out the album review here http://mediapick.co.uk/2015/jan/25/transference-albumreview.php & see what others are saying too.

Media Pick

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An Interview with Transference by Media Pick, UK

Transference - FINAL




As we release our band Transference’ new album tomorrow 19th January in the UK & Northern Ireland check out an exclusive interview between Mike Puskas & Steven Broadbent of Media Pick http://mediapick.co.uk/2015/jan/18/transference-musicinterview.php Media Pick are a UK site which covers up to the minute news across music, film & TV with reviews, interviews & features check them out.

STOP THE PRESS – New Album Release

Check out our latest press release with another one following soon https://www.journalism.co.uk/press-releases/new-album-release-the-navigators-by-transference-upcoming-tour-in-china–playing-dates-in-the-uk-with-tangerine-dream/s66/a563792/journalism logo

Jan Jacob Mekes Interviews Mike Puskas, Transference

Jan interviews Mike Puskas about his upcoming ebook & Transference’ new album. Check out the interview here & leave a comment Transference - FINALhttp://www.mekesbooks.com/2014/11/30/qa-mike-puskas/

Check out our new video for Transference track “Zarathustra”.


This track is from the upcoming album entitled “The Navigators” to be released end of January 2015.

A free download of this track can be obtained here http://bit.ly/transferencemusic or by clicking on the picture to go straight to the band’s website. This track is also featured throughout the month of December on Sacred Music Radio’s website, along with another track from the album “Winged Serpent” http://www.sacredmusicradio.org/ so check them out too.