We Are Featured In Bandit September 2017 Issue

bandit sept issue feature

We were invited to be featured again in Bandit’s newsletter we are in this issue & back issues. Please contact Bandit to subscribe to their newsletter & check out the opportunities for artists, bands, songwriters & more…..


Ninni & Mika Featured in Exposed Vocals


exposed vocals

Click the link on the photo to read the feature. Just in case here it is again https://exposedvocals.com/features/ninni-mika-dreaming-big-pretty-things/

Check Out Video Clip Ninni & Mika



Performing at the Comrades Club, Coulsdon, Surrey, UK October 2016 https://youtu.be/HW4B30vIikk

Another Show Date For Dos Floris


What has the crystal ball revealed? It has revealed more interest from people to see Dos Floris play live in London, UK in April 2017

click on the show4me link above to apply for access to pledge for the show, limited number of tickets available & several tickets already sold & all this before she’s played her first show there.  Can’t come to the show? Pass on to friends who can & whilst available we’ll throw in a ticket for free so buy on get one free.

stampa_florence 4



Ninni & Mika’s Vagabond Moon Now Featured On Hiscox Live

Ninni & Mika’s Vagabond Moon now featured on Hiscox Live artists of the week check it out here http://www.hiscoxlive.com/


Vagabond Moon, a track from Ninni & Mika’s Love Will Come Around EP avail on http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ninniandmika & all the usual outlets on digital download UK & Ireland only.