DyNaMik Records Closure

Hi everyone DyNaMik Records haven’t been posting for some time so just to fill you in we give notice that the company has been wound up having spent the last few months in mandatory limbo which all companies have to do prior to closure.

Late 2017 the owner had a death in the family (a close relative) & also has aging relatives who are  in need of support which has contributed to the company being wound up.

Award winning DyNaMik Records did what they set out to do and was instrumental in helping a number of amateur artists, guiding them & developing their careers. The artists benefited significantly from that guidance. DyNaMik was very active in establishing and growing their artist fanbases (often from scratch) as well as exposing them & their music to opportunities within the music industry along with all the other usual record label stuff. The artists availed themselves of DyNaMik’s knowledge & expertise not to mention some of the companies friends & associates!
Running the company was very labour intensive but not profitable so after a few years of very hard slog it was decided the time was now right to move on & pursue other interests within other areas of the music industry as well as outside it.

Artists hoping to make it as professional musicians & continue to gain traction would do well to check out this very good article https://tomhess.net/WhatRecordCompaniesLookFor.aspx

This blog and DyNaMik Records website will remain open for the time being for enquiries about artists that were on DyNaMik’s roster or any other matters. Please use the contact box on DyNaMik’s old website, home page.

Come see Ninni & Mika Play at The Bedford, London. UK

24th October 2016 live at the Bedford http://thebedford.com/event/music-24th-october-2016/ FREE ENTRY

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Official European Independent Music Chart

european indie chart

Our first xmas release Season’s Greetings by Cubic Jack made it into the top 20 chart it came in at No.18 see here:

http://us10.campaign-archive1.com /?u=15fbe405193578bbe4fc2fa34&id=6f8c249923&e=3b0a666b55

Just made the headlines of this paper with our latest press release

Check it out here http://paper.li/MDRMTL54/1399341996?edition_id=5f3bc6d0-6c98-11e5-88df-0cc47a0d15fdjournalism logodynamikrecords_logo02_medium_transparent


Check out some of our artists tracks on our 8tracks playlist


DyNaMik Records Various Artists Playlist from 8tracks.com/dynamik on 8tracks Radio.

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Some Video For Piqued Jacks & Interpol For The Prato Performance

Interpol (FB)(1)

Video shot by a production company in Prato, Italy https://www.facebook.com/KalisperaProduction