PL Precept #6



PL Precept #6 Efface your self conceptions

Show Yourself as You Are.

“What shall I do to give a good impression to others on my first meeting?”

 “Show yourself as you are. Just face them with your true self. Then what is my true self? It is simply a selfless, straight-shooting self. When you sincerely pray to God you are doing so with a complete openness without any trace of your showing off. Although you are expressing yourself trying not to show your ego, the integrity of your self will nonetheless show itself naturally and beautifully.”

 “Well, I wonder if this will be held in contempt by others?”  “From their point of view, they may try to delude themselves by making a false show of power, and making things appear as good as possible. In fact, the more they try to do this the more they lose their…

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Piqued Jacks are on tour check their video below, go see them & get some of the action.

piqued jacks image for licensing platformCheck this video out to see what they are like live & if in the area get on down to one of their gigs & check out the action. Here is a link to their touring schedule!tour/c1ftc

Rising Stars Piqued Jacks video for “Romantic Soldier” a track from their new album “Climb Like Ivy Does”.

Check out their awesome video now on RealMagic.TV a very popular mainstream show—Romantic-Soldier. now also have a new iphone/ipad app check it out here


Stay tuned for more news coming soon.

Use Your Words


Doon Art UseWords

When was the last time you thought about where your life is heading? If you are experiencing success or failure the way you think about your life has a lot to do with your position in life.  Your thoughts and words have formed a thinking pattern that has set the course of your life’s circumstances in a certain direction.  We frequently say, “Use your words.” to my three year old grandson, to be used instead of crying.  While searching for a title for this column it occurred to me how often we say this and that more specific instruction should go along with this statement.

Most of our actions begin with ideas received from our brain. Once you have created a thought, you use words to describe that thought and that gives it energy to create action.  Every single word you have thought or think, speak or have…

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Label News – :Piqued Jacks have Joined Us

piqued jacks good photo1

We are very pleased to announce that Piqued Jacks have joined us check out their page on our site (we are still building it out) & their site, check out their sound their facebook page why not drop by & say hello & like their page.

The band are currently on tour in the US check out their touring schedule & more exciting news in due course.

Show Poster for Transference Upcoming Benefit

transference show poster for hands across the water

Over 7hrs of live music across two stages. This show is in Australia (view event here Come out and support this worthy cause $12 on the door. BBQ/Raffle Tickets. Doors open from 4.30pm