The Lemon Circus Hospital Radio Are Gaining Momentum

The Lemon Circus Hospital Radio Are Gaining Momentum

What started out as a bit of fun is getting rather serious!!! Folks are hunting them down to share their podcasts 🙂 They have a new blog here on wordpress too, just click the photo. Check out this week’s just uploaded show on mixcloud show for some great music they’re playing our Quiet Rebellion’s “Silent Night” too check it out.

Inspiring Stories & Poetic Muse

Inspiring Stories & Poetic Muse

In the run up to Christmas (a reflective time) we are running some uplifiting, inspiring stories from folks who have risen above adversity, have received help through the kindness of others, are feeling a poetic muse etc. We are running the stories through our website & blog if you would like to submit a story for public viewing please send it to us at Photo seen here by Susanna Lepianka.