The Only Way Is Up – Little Harry pictured here pulling a face bless him.

The Only Way Is Up - Little Harry pictured here pulling a face bless him.

We’re sharing this from Shaun T. Hunter(aka Quiet Rebellion’s) fan page on facebook “Hi everyone, I just thought I’d share my story to recap on what happened to us a few months ago for the benefit of those who have more recently joined my page here as well as all you old regulars to give you all an update on the situation.

As many of you will know I and my family have experienced some very challenging times over the years with many upsetting & un-nerving events having occurred. I would like to share this particular story with you to bring awareness of the devastating effects such an event has had on our life & to acknowledge our support for all those who have experienced similar circumstances themselves or if they should find themselves in such a situation in the future. In this case it was my gear & my wife (Lucy’s) bike that was stolen but, of course, it could be anything & most of us have or will experience theft of our property at some time in our lives so it is something that affects us all. I hope in telling our story others will know they are not alone & draw strength from our experience & in particular know the good that comes out of such situations too.

A few months ago whilst on a family day out, we drove to a local industrial park near Leeds, UK to buy a new bike for my wife so we could all go biking together as a family round where we live. After purchasing the bike we returned to the car park where I had parked my van & then we went away for 15 mins to get some food. Upon our return to the van we heard a lot of slamming which appeared to be around the side door of my van, within seconds, another van pulled out at speed from the side of my van. It was then that we realized all my essential music P.A equip and sound system which was in the van at the time & which I had spent many years accumulating was stolen, along with Lucy’s new bike and helmet totalling approx. £7000 worth of gear….also the robbers even ripped out the back seat of my van! It was a surreal moment to say the least, my family and I were shocked & horrified by what was happening. As some of the stolen gear had been accumulated over many years I will not be able to replace those exact items. Thankfully we are insured & that has certainly helped to soften the blow.

The trauma we encountered was particularly felt by my 7 yr old boy, Harry, who was with us at the time of the incident & since the event he has had a series of recurring nightmares due to his thought of the robbers coming back to his house and killing mummy and daddy. Harry was also going through difficulties at school and suffering bullying issues at the time so was feeling vulnerable anyway. Of course we have done everything to reassure him, it is heartbreaking that he had to witness such a situation at all especially at such a tender age.

At the time this happened we were advised by the police to immediately share this to our social networking sites in case anyone reading our story might be able to help us recover the stolen goods. We were overwhelmed by the sheer energy of other peoples support for our loss & although I didn’t recover any of my gear or the bike, it was comforting to know that so many folks wished us well; we had some lovely messages of support and offers to loan gear as well!!! Someone offered to loan Lucy a bike & we just had to fix up the saddle & it was good as new. Also a promoter was so moved by the story (as he also knew of other difficult times we’ve had) & offered to pay the difference in cost of replacing my gear if the insurance didn’t fully cover it – an amazing offer of kindness and we are so grateful for such a kind gesture and for all those who came forward with their comforting messages & offers of support, that really helped us to get through!

I am pleased to say now that the insurance company (Towergate) have agreed to pay out for everything we lost and were very helpful with all.

This experience has not only solidified our togetherness as a family unit, we’ve always known and treasured what is of true value in this life……& this only re-establishes that even more but has helped us to grow & also strengthen our bonds and connections to so many people who have reached out to us in our hour of need, we so appreciate all of you, thank you.

I would love to hear your stories too about events that have occurred in your lives which have helped you to rise above a situation; things which have helped you to grow, uplifted and inspired you on your journey through life. Why not share your story here too & my record label will promote it for Christmas because Christmas is about reaching out & sharing. Much love Shaun, Lucy & Harry (The Hunter Family.)”

Have you had a similiar experience if so drop us a line if you would like us to run your story

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Radio Caroline 50 years since hitting the waves Check out this radio station which was groundbreaking in it’s time & still going strong today & what’s more they are buying our Quiet Rebellion’s music, great stuff.

Sat 8th March 2014 the big bash for Radio Caroline’s 50th year anniversary. Ticket sold out now!!!!!