An album review from Media Pick, UK for Transference

Transference - FINALMedia Pick, UK kindly offered an album review as well as the recent talentwatch interview for the band. Check out the album review here & see what others are saying too.

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I Bailed On My Medical Practice


Honestly, I was never cut out to be a pathologist.

It’s true that I have a strong eye for pattern recognition of rare tumors. And I’ve got enough OCD-ishness to avoid most of the million tiny and galactic mistakes that haunt pathologists without OCD traits.

But I lack the bluster for the job.

It turns out that bluster, the gift of feeling and sounding 100% certain when you’re only 99, is the key to tolerating a profession where people’s lives are in your hands.

And that gift of pseudo-certainty makes surgeons and colleagues think you’re good, even if you’re not.

The people who thought I was an outstanding general pathologist were the few pathologists who consulted with me on most of their own tough cases. Plus maybe every cytotechnologist I ever worked with.

And my wife and kids who are completely unbiased.

When the stress from outside work escalated and combined with on-the-job stress, I reached critical mass inside. I was done. Cooked.

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Wisdom is one of the most important things in life…

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Tom's Nature-up-close Photography and Mindfulness Blog





.    Wisdom is one of the most important things in life.  For without wisdom, one’s life may be essentially like an empty shell; such a life would very possibly be like a light bulb that has no illumination; it would be like a caterpillar that never changes into a true butterfly.  Without wisdom, one may, indeed, lead a very comfortable life, a very financially secure, safe, and luxurious life.   However, without that inner profundity (of wisdom)… such an outwardly appearing “successful” life is likely (largely) a rather cadaverous existence.   Without true compassion, heartfelt awareness for all, deep insight, and non-fragmented perception…  deep wisdom is not.  One cannot have true wisdom if one merely fits in nicely into the indifferent edicts of society, while languidly allowing things to remain as they are.  The vast disorder (of society) may seem to be overwhelming; but…

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Which Frequency Are You Tuned Into?

The Love Frequency operates at 528 hz check out this article for a full explanation – can you afford to ignore it?

Founder of Tangerine Dream Has Shifted Address

We were so sad to hear that Edgar Froese suddenly passed away recently & our deepest sympathy goes out to his family, friends, the band & all their fans. Our band Transference had confirmed dates to play with Tangerine Dream in the UK in June & we regret to announce it looks like this will not now come to pass. You can read the article here in Rolling Stone



NEWS FLASH – Transference News

More reviews, interviews, features coming soon as well as a fan video, the band are thrilled so are we interest/support also coming in from new fans in US, Canada. Front page feature confirmed in top rock music magazine in July we will post details of where you can buy this in physical print in due course. More news about the band’s upcoming tour & album release in other territories soon.


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