Another Show Date For Dos Floris

What has the crystal ball revealed? It has revealed more interest from people to see Dos Floris play live in London, UK in April 2017

click on the show4me link above to apply for access to pledge for the show, limited number of tickets available & several tickets already sold & all this before she’s played her first show there.  Can’t come to the show? Pass on to friends who can & whilst available we’ll throw in a ticket for free so buy on get one free.

stampa_florence 4



Our Crowdfunding Campaign

An update on our campaign after a number of things occurring beyond our control this show will now be for one artist at this time namely Dos Floris. The campaign is gaining pace, some of the pledgers have stated they would not be available to attend the show in October 2016 so we have moved it to April 2017 therefore the timeline for pledging has been extended to 4th November 2016. Once we have reached confirmation point we will announce the venue & date of show. stampa_florence-2-back-squaredosfloriscrystalballdosflorisfeathersThis is going to be a theatrical show with some surprises, intrigued? Keep those pledges coming in & we’ll keep you updated.

You’ll Really Want to Come to Our Show

Reasons To Be Cheerful & To Come To Our Show

  • 3 Great Bands who have all played on International stages with music heralded in top Some UK radio stations top 20 listings as well as record stores they will excite you, woo you & soothe you.
  • A chance to see 3logit a band in action who plays live EDM OK you say there are a few of them around but HEY wait up not like this one this is the ONLY one 3logit plays all the REAL instruments live plus they change the sound of the musical instruments by pre-programmed computer scheme, which is absolutely demanding for synchronization and absolutely unique approach to 3logit.
  • An outstanding & very popular venue steeped in history & atmosphere, yet intimate & seductive.
  • Inexpensive ticket prices with rewards.
  • Some surprises regarding who else is going to show up.
  • Meet & greet with the bands,
  • A show to remember.
  • Real music for real fans.