EP Release 19th October 2016 UK/Ireland Only


Ninni & Mika’s EP is out soon. UK & Irish fans come see them play at The Comrades Club in Coulsdon, UK  get tickets here price includes FREE EP https://www.musicglue.com/dynamik-records-ltd/ club price drinks available at this gig. Also appearing is Robert J. Hunter with his Band this is going to be a great night of folk & blues.


8 responses to “EP Release 19th October 2016 UK/Ireland Only

    • Hi Sheldon, Robert is very good & he & Ninni & Mika (whilst being a folk duo) also play at blues festivals/clubs & blues fans love them, Bob Dylan fans love them too. Robert will be playing at both The Bedford Live & The Comrades Club where we’ve got a mix of blues & folk fans attending. Where in the world do you live? Can you come along to one of the shows? Would be great to see you there & you can meet them in person.

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      • Oh what a shame you can’t make it the first night they’re playing the Bedford it is famous, artists such as Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison, James Bay, KT Tunstall and many more have played there. We are expecting a lot of people there. It’s so good to hear that music is very much a part of you, music, writing & art are very much at the heart of what we do. We are members of a blues club in the UK & some US artists fly over to perform there. Do you like other genres too or is it mainly blues? We collaborate with writers, poets many of whom are award winning & published authors & very talented musicians. We will add a link to our blog for one of the live shows so people who are out of town can see it as far as I’m aware it will work in the states too. As always thank you for your support & interest.

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  1. I would like to think the ones that I’ve done are good
    here’s one I did last nite

    I know how it feels to be all alone
    When it’s just you and the darkness
    Staring at the ceiling
    Waitin for tomorrow’s Sun
    I know how it feels to be
    The source of all your pain
    With no pill big enough to relieve
    Yet there’s still one hand to hold
    & still one to grasp
    All I need for you to do….
    Cause there’s your own
    To have
    & to hold

    I guess you would call that the hook
    The rest would need work
    As always Sheldon


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