More Pledges Coming In For Our Crowdfunding Campaign


Picture – Andrew Lucas

Thank you to all for your pledges for our Dos Floris campaign we’re getting closer now to confirmation point, not far to go keep pledging thank you. Last day to pledge at the current prices tomorrow they increase by 40% so pledge at the cheaper price while you can.dosfloris-electronic-rock

Exclusive Partnership Between Show4Me & DyNaMik Records Ltd

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Show4Me & are now also representing Show4Me as Show4Me, Ireland. We are still DyNaMik Records Ltd also & our normal activities remain the same as before.

Through our new partnership we will be inviting more artists to appear in our shows whether they be showcases to help artists gain or increase their fanbases at a local level or breaking artists into new territories with an array of exciting shows featuring local & international talent, cross promoting & cross pollinating in a seamless way for new upcoming & coming talent as well as seasoned pros. Providing an opportunity for artists to engage with fans existing & potential & get to know them on a more intimate level.

This new model offers an exciting array of amalgamating creative ideas to bring the best shows to eager audiences. Through audience participation fans will be able to track campaigns from beginning to end as the excitement builds towards the finale.

In the early hours of this morning (5am) Oleh Malskyy from Show4Me pitched to Sir Richard Branson’s pitchathon in London which was live streaming for 29hours. The pitchathon is expected to break a Guinness World Record for the longest Pitchathon to date. It was exciting to watch not only our pitch but also the many entrepreneurs we have voted for also there were some amazing business pitches.

Here are some photos of Oleg pitching to the judges. A huge thank you to him for mentioning us also & everyone who took part at this prestigious event.

Virgin Media Business VOOM World Record 29-Hour Pitchathon at The Hoxton, London, Britain, 1 June 2016Virgin Media Business VOOM World Record 29-Hour Pitchathon at The Hoxton, London, Britain, 1 June 2016Virgin Media Business VOOM World Record 29-Hour Pitchathon at The Hoxton, London, Britain, 1 June 2016


AMAZING OPPORTUNITY – Check Out Our Artist Showcase & Pledge NOW To See an AMAZING SHOW

We’ve been quiet lately, we’ve been working away behind the scenes preparing for our artist showcase. There have been a couple of changes due to some unforeseen circumstances but full steam ahead it’s going to be an amazing show. Three Amazing Bands each playing a full set. The show will kick off with a unique live EDM band they are visually stunning with their UV costumes & love the audience to interact they will get you in the mood for a rocking night, having played some large festivals since their inception & their first gig in the UK, the band know how to get the party going. We follow with Dos Floris hauntingly beautiful dulcet tones, offering a wild cacophony of musical genres including electronic with a bit of Industrial thrown in, cinematic, dream pop this gal will take you on a journey into wild & frenzied abandon & soothing soundscapes with undulating rhythms & to top it all we then have Du Bellows fronted by Jade Williams, a classically trained vocalist, check out our campaignto keep abreast of all the news. Link is here where you can go to pledge for the show. These tickets are going to sell fast, pledge now to avoid disappointment. 3logitstampa_florence 4image4.JPG