#9 My favorite things

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T1323845870Eat-Junk-and-Watch-Rubbishhere are many things that make people happy in the world, such as  fluffy beddings, chocolate cakes, mother’s hug, things like that. Though I love those things very much, what I really love is watching old movies with ice cream,  listening to new music, and making coffee. Fist of all, watching old movies with ice cream is my favorite hobby. Especially when I’m stressed out, I go to my room alone,  turn off the light, hold an ice cream, turn the audio volume up and then watch the movie . Usually, I watched three movies which are  the Sound of music(1965), Amelie(2001),and Kamome Diner(2006) by turn. I watched each movies more than 50 times. These movies gives me very peaceful and cozy emotions, so when I watch them, I feel comfortable. Also, ice cream is very important when I watch movie. Many people eat popcorns when watching movie, but I prefer to eat ice-cream especially Green tea or chocolate ice…

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