Transference T.Shirts coming soon regular shirts & girl tees with more styles to come in due course here is an example of a girl tee for starters which will embody a design we’re just finishing up on, nearly there 🙂


Transference album on Limited Edition Vinyl

We recently announced that Transference new album “The Navigators” will be made available by us on limited edition vinyl & orders are coming in thank you & as we write this we hear more orders are on the way. This album comes complete with an 8 page booklet of stunning original artwork & is a true collectors piece.

One of the vinyls will have a surprise gift for the lucky buyer but all will also receive 5 bonus tracks to download. The finishing touches are also being added to the t.shirts which are looking awesome, we can offer t.shirts for girls too (specifically designed to hug the figure) these will be made available through Arena. Go there to purchase the digital download of the album bundled with t.shirt – the designs will be up as soon as we can get them so please bear with us we are going as fast as we can.

Transference - FINAL

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW TO SAVE DISAPPOINTMENT dnmrecords@gmail.com price varies according to your location/currency.


Transference T.Shirts will be available from Arena Soon

Check out Transference profile on Arena https://arena.com/transference/the-navigators quality t.shirts in several designs to choose from, available in all sizes. Currently colours are black, white & cinder, more colours in due course.