New Review for Transference

transference shot for zarathustra video

So, what’s the craic? Transference are a band to watch, the core band is headed up by Michael Puskas (Ikonic Artist Management) a very successful management team who have discovered some top stars, so I get the feeling we’re dealing with something special here. The band created in the land of OZ (that’s Australia to you and me) has an album in the works being finalised now for release. The core band are joined by a plethora of top class musicians from all over the world, now I’m thinking a musical carousel!Their album has dropped into my lap recently to review & I must say this is a most exciting prospect. No expense has been spared in it’s production & boasts a top team of players produced by New York’s Ryan Kelly & mastered by U2’s Pete Maher.A rare gem offering an eclectic mix of sounds that will get your buzz on as well as soothe your soul it’s no less than a magical journey through a musical landscape with sacred & classical tones interweaved into a modern eclectic mix of sounds & genres that delights at every turn. Refusing to be pigeonholed there is something for everyone here & from the dulcet tones of the vocalists & fabulous instrumentals take you on a journey Lady Isis (the first single released from the album
) falls into the realm of sacred music & speaks of an ancient truth depicting “Lady Isis” in the form of a guiding star sent to guide mankind through the world crisis so evident today. The chilled, relaxing vibe of this song is soothing yet calling mankind to re-awaken & claim their birthright.) The second single to be released soon is “Zarathustra” an upbeat pop/rock tune which is vibrant, fun, yet edgy & continuing the message of Lady Isis. Another track “Viracocha” has just won a prestigious award in the acoustic rock category Also check out Transference’ rendition of Pink Floyd’s famous track “Echoes” which a Pink Floyd group on Soundcloud added to their mixes which has received some good attention

Did I mention the awesome artwork, truly a collectors piece from the band’s own graphic artists Sandra Amorosi & Jo Friday think mystical landscapes, fluorescent blue dragons, ancient lands, a kind of Harry Potteresque theme yet it is truly unique in it’s own right. I hope I have whetted your appetite for this album I really can’t think of anything negative to say about it it sparks the imagination taking you on an exciting roller coaster ride, the album is aptly named “The Navigators”. If you come to this band expecting an ordinary band with an ordinary sound you will miss the very essence of what they have to offer.
Check out their website & in particular their ‘healing now’ page to get a more in depth feel for what this band are about.To truly appreciate this album I recommend listening with an open mind so that you can enter the rich tapestry of sound & colour; yes colour, this music opens your own pathways igniting your own creativity, now that’s no mean feat! This is not escapism it’s alive, it’s about awakening the senses & tuning into your own creative essence.

At the end I am left feeling enlivened, uplifted, energised & inspired & wow, yes, that feels real good. I hear the band are in talks to tour the UK in 2015 so stay tuned for updates as they unfold

Review by Skywatcher, Ireland

Skywatcher is a freelance underground music reviewer

The Psychological And Physiological Affects Of Music

Author: Susanna Lepianka, October 2010

Silence & Sound = Love

The higher the vibrational frequency of the music the greater it is as a carrier into silence and the greater the impact on our well being.

In the beginning was sound, sound is the most primordial state without, which, nothing could be! When a baby is born the first thing the medical staff look for in order to establish this new life is the baby’s cry – when the baby cries all is known to be well. Music reflects the state of consciousness that created it – the higher the level of consciousness the more sublime the music. Music is synonymous with life, it is such an integral part of our existence and it is part of our DNA.

Let’s look at how music impacts on our psychological and physiological well being:

Babies tap their feet, clap their hands, wriggle around and smile joyfully when they hear conscious music, when hearing unconscious music they either fail to respond or become alarmed and cry. I will touch on the difference between conscious and unconscious music here and in my 2nd article I will elaborate further. Babies are attuned to nature’s biological rhythm and as a result are happy and content by nature which, in part, is why they are so appealing. We all resonate with soft dulcet tones which are why so many love songs tend to be ballads; they warm & melt the heart and we feel happy, peaceful and at ease. It is a scientific fact that the healthier & happier we are the less prone we are to dis-ease. There is a huge correlation between the music we listen to and our well-being.

By paying close attention to how we think & feel when we listen to music we can discern the considerable impact it is having on us – notice what kind of thoughts are going through your mind do they increase/decrease, how do you feel and are those feelings joyful, do you feel uplifted, inspired & exhilarated by what you hear. Uplifting, music significantly increases our energy levels making us more productive whilst unconscious music stirs unpleasant emotional feeling states, agitation and fitfulness, depression, mood swings, lethargy etc. In this way it can be seen that constantly being assaulted by harsh impure sounds affect the delicate balance of our minds and bodies, throwing them out of kilter. Music therapy is used in all kinds of medical and holistic environments to re-align & thus restore the imbalance. Studies also indicate that music can have profound physical and psychological effects not only on people but also on animals and plants.

To understand the impact music has on our mind and bodies is an important consideration in choosing the types of music we listen to.

About the author:
Susanna Lepianka is a writer with a passion for music & has studied musicology. Susanna holds first class diplomas in Psychology, Meditation & Neuropsychological Immunology (a holistic & integrated study of the stressors that affect our psychological, physical & spiritual wellbeing.) Susanna listens daily to all genres of music. Susanna also showcases music on her websites  and is developing a new model to bring musicians and their audiences together to form an alliance to support and maintain artistic integrity.