We just uploaded Transference’ track Zarathustra to Mixcloud & already it’s made the Rock & Progressive charts

55 in rock chart mixcloud

The Lemon Circus Hospital Radio Are Gaining Momentum

The Lemon Circus Hospital Radio Are Gaining Momentum

What started out as a bit of fun is getting rather serious!!! Folks are hunting them down to share their podcasts 🙂 They have a new blog here on wordpress too, just click the photo. Check out this week’s just uploaded show on mixcloud show for some great music https://x.mixcloud.com/thelemoncircus/the-lemon-circus-broadcast-date-4th-december-2013-christian-frank-jamie-morgan/ they’re playing our Quiet Rebellion’s “Silent Night” too check it out.

The Lemon Circus Radio Show

Take a listen to Christian Frank & Jamie Morgan’s show https://x.mixcloud.com/thelemoncircus/the-lemon-circus-broadcast-date-13th-november-2013-christian-frank-jamie-morgan/?utm_source=redirect&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=cloudcast they are playing our Quiet Rebellion again (A new track) who they have affectionately dubbed “Quiet Riot” well we think it is affection anyways lol. These guys are a good laugh as well as bringing you some fab music so tune in now, you’ll be glad you did.