Transference Introducing The Band Infograph

Introducing The Band Transference aka The Navigators.

Introducing The Band Transference aka The Navigators.

Check out the band to learn about them & their music as they invite you to connect with them on a musical adventure traversing the ancient past & ancient wisdom whilst reflecting on the meaning of these forgotten times & how they are every bit as relevant to us in our modern day. The band members have taken on star names, Cosmic, Orion, Celeste, Astral, Scorpius & an aka “The Navigators” as intrepid explorers to paint a picture of a world we all know & love but have forgotten, our unique world, the band are inviting you to join them on a journey back to that time of discovery & mystery, excitement & adventure to re-establish what has been forgotten through the universal language of music. Their new ebook will soon be available in digital format & much more. Check out the bands website by clicking on this infograph & click this link to obtain a free download of Zarathustra from the upcoming album also entitled “The Navigators”.

German Radio Playing Transference’ Lady Isis Mix A non profit radio in Germany played Transference’ new single Lady Isis they also commented “Tolle Nummer. Richtig Entspannend “Great number, relaxing properly”.

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My Dad Rocks – Another feature for Transference’ Lady Isis

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Vents Magazine Interview Transference

Vents interview Transference on the eve of their new single released today ‘Lady Isis’ from the upcoming album “The Navigators”, more about the new album in due course.transference photo1