Dos Floris To Be Interviewed by Vertikal Life in their Music Cafe on 14th November 2015

The Ladies Have It! Join Celeste Duckworth, and Co-Host Uncunvintial 1 with guests Tiki Black (UK), Sophia Ben-Yousef (UK), Dos Floris (Italy), and Janine Jkuhl (Jamaica) as we listen to these wonderful singer/songwriters latest cuts and talk about life as an artist, the Music industry, Indie Artists challenges, and future projects. You have to hear these ladies. Saturday, November 14th,

6:00PM (Italy Time) – 5:00 PM (UK Time) – 12:00PM EST – 11:00 AM Central Time – 10:00 AM Mountain Time – 9:00 AM PST

Dial In/SKYPE at 1.646.564.9897 to ask questions, comments or just listen to good music. SKYPE Users must be logged in on site and when program starts and you see the SKYPE Icon dial in and pick #1.

Join Chat Room @

Opportunites for Business Sponsors for a 10-minute commercial or Shout Outs contact us at or call 1.202.642.9377

vertikal life music cafe


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