The Dreaded Opera Category for $200 Please, Alex

Good Music Speaks

JeopardyThe long running game show Jeopardy! is a frequent guest during dinner in my house.  This classic “answer and question” trivia contest is often on a small television in the background as dinner is being prepared and the table set for a meal.  Recently, during one of the college or teen tournaments for the show, there appeared the “Dreaded Opera Category”, which made me laugh.  For me, opera is a rewarding challenge to learn, one that I enjoy, and one that offers a buffet of artistic pleasures.  Opera should really be experienced live to get the full effect.  Opera houses are usually gorgeous theaters to be in, and there is an army of creative individuals working together to mount a production.  Set design, costume design, and grand theater all come together for a visual spectacle.  Writers distill a libretto to give the composer text to set to music, and vocalists…

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