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Developing young artists or seasoned artists branching out into a different direction from their norm are not going to be churning out NO.1 singles/albums for a while, time is required to develop their craft, to identify & grow their sound! Even the most fabulous top artists of yesteryear and today mostly sounded pretty crap when they first started off. Allowances need to be made for this. An artist can spend anything up to 10 years to develop from the time they start writing & performing seriously ie as their career, not just a hobby. The creative process is ongoing, not a stagnant thing. Please bear these things in mind for those who put their heart & soul into their craft.


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    • Yes indeed fair point but it would be nice to see some more support from the general public whilst they climb their individual mountain after all they do give their heart & soul to their craft, help to fill bars/clubs often times for free & support numerous charities who make money off them. Developing artists often have no dressing rooms to change in prior to going on stage, could go on but just want to make the point it’s not easy for them. Also the artists we are developing are not doing what they do to make it big ie become big stars (although if that happened well no-one would turn it down) mostly they are developing for education & healing. In fact that was going to be an extra arm of our record label when we began but in fact is turning into our main goal now.

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  1. It is so true. Nothing happens ‘over-night’ and it is a good learning curve, honing your craft, leaning how to entertain an audience and keep them coming back for more. So many artists can’t cut it live because they think what happens in the studio on a track is what ultimately matters. It is a combination of it all…but first learn to play live and cope with all that can chuck at you…then whatever ‘fame’ (if it comes) chucks at you, you should be well equipped.

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  2. By the way the iconic Marquee had crappy facilities, dirty loo, one mouldy shower, and nowhere to change except at the back of the stage, cramped and smelly. The London Hippodrome had the same rubbish facilities – I used to produce a rock show there every month and it was horrendous. Across the States it was no better…sadly. I won’t even describe SE Asia! CBGB’s in NYC was a public health threat…no room to swing a cat either. but what a fab venue to play! 🙂

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    • Yes it’s awful one would expect the likes of these venues to have better standards & be an example to the rest. Thx again Jane for contributing your thoughts really enjoying them. It would be great to make a compilation of anecdotes & doodles from the artists into a book. Would be great if that sold well & we would use the proceeds for the artists & set up a campaign to lobby for better facilities.


      • I already write a blog for Creative Frontiers which is mainly little snippets from my career and I am writing a book on my music life which is taking forever. I have to take care as many people are still alive, and I don’t want the horses head in my bed and the concrete boots!! Some of my stories have elements of truth in them…books and short stories. But one has to take care as you can imagine. Any books I write or contribute towards has to be with the sanction of my publisher – I am not free to write for anyone other than them. I have contributed to 3 charity books so far, but that was before I signed a publishing contract. I am happy to share a few tales which you might use as long as they are not full on stories, but more like articles…otherwise I will be in breach etc. As you know I am a crime writer mostly, though I do have a music related book coming out later this summer, but it is not about my career, but a fictional account of someone just getting involved in music. So busy times. But if you want the occasional article, just let me know and if I can do something I will. 🙂 Grand idea though….

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