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  1. Thanks so much for reblogging this – really appreciate it. I have a regular blog there recounting some of my experiences in International music…for fun! So far about 5 parts done and still contributing regularly. Do pop over and read and comment. No names…so all identities are protected. Thanks so much. You rock! Jane xx

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      • Oh no, just popping in to say hello and asking how the blog is going and how the record side is going…nothing in particular…just passing by. Have a fab weekend, just staying in touch. πŸ™‚


      • Ah right ok. Thank you for taking an interest in us & it’s great to keep in touch πŸ™‚ There are exciting things in the works & we are right on the brink of changing the paradigm to bring things into alignment more & more with our values. We have also just recently been invited to register for an award for top 100 businesses in the UK/Ireland. We are excited even to be invited πŸ™‚ like how cool is that!

        How’s things going with you?

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      • That is awesome, well done. Fingers crossed for continued success. I know how hard it is in this business. Keep me in the loop. Yeah things are good. A co-written novel (with my husband’s old fan club secretary) is due out soon…not sure the exact date, it depends on my publisher. She is an award winning author and was a rock journalist back when, then his band’s fan club sec…so we have written together. No crime though. My crime series: Ms Birdsong Investigates is getting there. Up to my neck in Russian Mafia and murder in the depths or rural Oxfordshire at the moment…who knows where it will end!! For once I have not included music in the stories (yet) as with my other books which all involve music and what happens with bands when the money starts to roll in, or in the studio when things go a little off key!! LOL fun stuff and all based on true experiences of course. I’ll be writing the next instalment for Creative Frontiers soon as well. I hope all goes well with your changes and with your award. Sounds fab and such an honour. Keep me in the loop as I said. I can then share news and your good fortune here. πŸ™‚

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      • Thank you for your kind words of support Jane yes indeed it is very hard in this business, especially when no-one wants to buy music anymore…….. hint hint, wink wink to those who don’t lol.

        Amongst other things sounds like you’re a bit of an Agatha Christie, intriguing. Let us have the links to your books & we’ll circulate them for you. True experiences are always the best & so amusing too. Good to keep up with your adventures. Yes will keep you in the loop also with our stuff & thx for all.

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      • Many thanks. I shall later in the week, thanks so much. Yes, it has been a sad sight to see, music has always changed – the business of it – and it has had to. But now, it I hard to see how anyone can make any money, especially the artists. Some way done the line there will be a real crisis I am sure. No one creating and nothing to buy, so we shall see re-issues of the same old same old, and no innovation. I think it started with the CD funnily enough and the fact that anyone could be a producer and a manufacturer of their own music. Suddenly everyone could do it and the middle men got cut out – which might arguably was a good or bad thing – then the record companies wanted better and better quality ‘demos’ so that cut a lot of people who could not afford to record to a high standard…then it was pay to play, then A&R stopped going to gigs and it became all about the merchandise. Small labels emerged then died, people self-published and died….then the big guys moved back in and it all became corporate (Lawyers and accountants running it all) and then downloads popped up and here we go again….where will it all end up? It must be very difficult for smaller labels again. I wish you all the best, it is a harsh business. I am not so much Agatha Christie – a lot harder than the cozy mysteries….I read her but I enjoy Gerritsen, Slaughter, Connolly, Peter James, Peter Robinson and James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Andy McNabb etc….nothing sweet little old lady about them! LOL. Have a cool week, I am trying to catch up with writing, deciding on book covers and PR with my publisher…bit like album covers and marketing strategies…and I thought I’d left all that behind. xx

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      • Couldn’t agree more Jane thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Check this out http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/gene-simmons-fans-killed-the-music-industry-infrastructure-that-is-needed-to-support-new-artists/ we wouldn’t put all the blame at the door of the consumer because the file sharing/digital age certainly made it much more tempting to just take the music without paying for it. People have asked why we don’t have a replacement for say The Rolling Stones, The Beatles etc where did the talent go……..well the talent didn’t go anywhere people just stopped buying music. Music is very time consuming & expensive to create & produce & there have to be many people involved in the creative process from it’s inception to getting the product out to market if the music is to be good. Gosh we could go on & on but to try & keep things as short as possible as you know yourself people can knock out a tune on their computers these days & get it up on the internet within hours making it accessible even to non musicians to bang out a cd well that’s a bit of fun but not the real deal. Of course there is also far more to music than the entertainment side of things. Music affects our DNA it affects us on a cellular level so it makes sense to listen to music that has been properly constructed. Personally we prefer analogue to digital despite all the arguments that you can’t tell the difference we beg to differ. Without getting too technical digital chops it all up whereas analogue maintains a smooth & natural flow which is in harmony with the mind, body, spirit.
        As for demos we listen for potential in an artist & not just the talent but the spirit of the individual behind that ie reaching into the energy of that individual which we feel is very important because music is important. So putting the human back into music, the spirit back into music, the soul back into music, the technical ability of good solid songwriting back into music, integrity & sincerity in all we do. This forms the basis of our work & it’s not a we’ll have it all done by tomorrow this will take some time but the wheels are in motion.

        Yes some fine authors you’ve listed there & it takes one to know one so you can count yourself into that mix as far as we’re concerned anyway. Have a cool week yourself & good luck with the book cover a good book cover that catches the eye just like a good album cover is certainly essential, agree, ah yes know what you mean πŸ™‚

        Thanks again Jane for stopping by it’s good to chat with you. xxx

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      • Yes, I have two pages. One personal and one author page with many followers and I am in several groups including one set up by my publisher for all their authors and readers. It is fun. My FB author page is http://www.facebook.com/JaneRisdon2 pop over and say hello….often lots of music posts on there. I have been tweeted often but not got round to it myself yet. πŸ™‚


      • We have liked your page on facebook. The author groups we know require people to reciprocate appreciate it’s not easy to keep up with all the social media stuff when you’re so busy & the social media whirl doesn’t come naturally to everyone πŸ™‚

        Wishing you a great week & look forward to reading more of your posts.

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