Second Hand Poet

Thanks to The Lemon Circus for a great review, radio play & mentions.

The Lemon Circus


A good song crashes over you and soaks the fabric of your small world until it’s saturated with emotion; sometimes warm like a blanket freshly pulled from a tumble dryer and other times it’s cold and drips from your memories slowly creating tiny stalactites of love, loss, anger and despair that pierce your soul, your very real actual soul – Wow! Naturally it’s difficult to measure the power a song can hold over us but in action it too has waterlines submerged deep below. It’s visible in the distance we can remove ourselves from outside concerns while still possessing companionship; because songs that speak directly to our hearts are friends we can trust, a security we’re not alone. Second Hand Poet captures that human spirit at its most fragile – and melts away the troubles with their icy veiled summertime charm, alongside tormented lyrics further compounded with melodic guitar and…

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