Kodaline: Rise of Irish Indie

Indie Finnishes First

I first heard Kodaline on the radio, many years ago when I used to live in England. A couple of years down the line, I was scouring Youtube for some new music, some new bands to gush over, and I came across them, again. I didn’t realize it was the same song till about a minute in, when I started remembering the lyrics, because when it comes to Kodaline’s lyrics, well, you don’t forget those easily.

I’d loved them, even on that first day I heard them on the radio, and I can’t express how glad I had been to find them again. Kodaline is one of those bands that no one knows about, so elusive, that you scour every website, every playlist you can get your hands on, devouring each one and finding some great music on the way, but Kodaline remains in some sense ‘the band that got…

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