Writing Tips #2



Make yourself work.


Another thing that works for me is actually sitting down and working. Not knowing what I am going to do.

My background in music is Bass & songwriting and the first tune I wrote on bass is an instrumental, drawing influences from Jaco Pastorius and Thomas Leeb in their stylings and use of harmonics. But none of this would have come about if I hadn’t sat down and experimented, tried new ideas, new keys, new finger positions.

The same is true with some of my lyric writing. I sit down and work at it, trying new things and improving with practise.


Ever heard the old adage that Practise Makes Perfect?

Practise does not make perfect, but it does make better.


I hate the idea that perfection is an attainable substance, because to me it isn’t. It is impossible to attain perfection, but that won’t stop me from trying and it shouldn’t stop you.


And thanks to all the brains out there for being so awesome.



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