Writing Tips #1

by Celia Fernandez

photo by Celia Fernandez

With this writing blog, I wont be giving you a list of what I find by googling, but rather what I have learned works for me or others I work with.

Writing tip #1

Give your brain some time.

Take some time to yourself every day to just let your brain do what it does.

The song I am currently working on came from being very bored at a bus stop on a cold November’s morning with a dead phone and no book to distract me. I had an hour and a half to kill so I just started talking to myself.

“If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t know it well enough” – Albert Einstein

I started talking through things that were bothering me with work and such distractions. I find it very therapeutic, and somewhere in the middle of this I went off on a tangent and one beautifully dark metaphor came to me. I expanded a bit, then expanded some more. I took out my pen and paper (which I always carry with me, ALWAYS) and jotted down the lyrics and melody (it helps to know how to read and write score.) I then sat down that night and arranged & orchestrated the song on a bit of paper.

While I may not have “Given” myself the time, I made use of what I had.

So do yourself a favour and give yourself some time.

And thanks to all the brains out there for being so awesome.


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